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LGADPYRAndravida Airport
LGAGAGQAgrinion Airport
LGALAXDDimokritos Airport
LGATHEWAthen Helenikon Airport
LGAVATHAthens International Airport
LGBLVOLInternational Airport of Central Greece
LGHIJKHChios Island National Airport
LGHLPKHPorto Cheli Airport
LGIKJIKIkaria Airport
LGIOIOAIoannina National Airport
LGIRHERNikos Kazantzakis International Airport
LGKAKSOKastoria National Airport
LGKCKITKithira Airport
LGKFEFLKefallinia Airport
LGKJKZSKastelorizo Island Public Airport
LGKLKLXKalamata Airport
LGKOKGSKos Island International Airport, Hippocrates
LGKPAOKKarpathos Airport
LGKRCFUIoannis Kapodistrias International Airport (Corfu Internatio
LGKSKSJKasos Airport
LGKVKVAAlexander the Great International Airport
LGKYJKLKalymnos Island National Airport
LGKZKZIPhilippos Airport
LGLELRSLeros Airport
LGLMLXSLimnos Airport
LGLRLRALarisa Airport
LGMKJMKMykonos Island National Airport
LGMLMLOMilos Island National Airport
LGMTMJTMytilene International Airport
LGNXJNXNaxos Island National Airport
LGPAPASParos National Airport
LGPLJTYAstypalaia Airport
LGPZPVKAktion Airport
LGRPRHORhodes International Airport, "Diagoras"
LGRXGPAAraxos Airport
LGSACHQChania International Airport ("Ioannis Daskalogiannis")
LGSKJSISkiathos Island National Airport
LGSMSMISamos International Airport "Aristarchos of Samos"
LGSOJSYSyros Airport
LGSPSPJSparti Airport
LGSRJTRSantorini Airport
LGSTJSHSitia Airport
LGSYSKUSkiros Airport
LGTSSKGMakedonia Airport
LGZAZTHZakynthos International Airport, "Dionysios Solomos"
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