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OIAAABDAbadan Airport
OIAIQMJShahid Asyaee Airport
OIAJOMIOmidiyeh Air Base
OIAMMRXMahshahr Airport
OIAWAWZAhwaz Airport
OIBAAEUAbumusa Island Airport
OIBBBUZBushehr Airport
OIBIAOYAsaloyeh Airport
OIBJKNRJam Airport
OIBKKIHKish International Airport
OIBLBDHBandar Lengeh Airport
OIBPYEHPersian Gulf International Airport
OIBQKHKKhark Island Airport
OIBSSXISirri Island Airport
OIBVLVPLavan Island Airport
OICCKSHKermanshah Airport
OICIIILIlam Airport
OICKKHDKhoram Abad Airport
OICSSDGSanandaj Airport
OIFEIFHHesa Airport
OIFMIFNEsfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport
OIFSCQDShahre-Kord Airport
OIGGRASRasht Airport
OIHHHDMHamadan Airport
OIHRAJKArak Airport
OIIEIKAImam Khomeini International Airport
OIIITHRMehrabad International Airport
OIKBBNDBandar Abbas International Airport
OIKKKERKerman Airport
OIKMBXRBam Airport
OIKPHDRHavadarya Airport
OIKRRJNRafsanjan Airport
OIKYSYJSirjan Airport
OIMBXBJBirjand Airport
OIMCCKTSarakhs Airport
OIMMMHDMashhad International Airport
OIMNBJBBojnord Airport
OIMSAFZSabzevar National Airport
OIMTTCXTabas Airport
OINBBBLBabolsar Airport
OINGGBTGorgan Airport
OINJBSMBishe Kola Air Base
OINNNSHNoshahr Airport
OINRRZRRamsar Airport
OISFFAZFasa Airport
OISLLRRLar Airport
OISSSYZShiraz International Airport
OITKKHYKhoy Airport
OITLADUArdabil Airport
OITMACPSahand Airport
OITPPFQParsabade Moghan Airport
OITROMHUrmia Airport
OITTTBZTabriz International Airport
OIYYAZDYazd Shahid Sadooghi Airport
OIZBACZZabol Airport
OIZCZBRKonarak Airport
OIZHZAHZahedan International Airport
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