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RJAANRTNarita International Airport
RJAFMMJMatsumoto Airport
RJAHIBRIbaraki Airport (Hyakuri Air Base)
RJAMMUSMinami Torishima Airport
RJAWIWONorth Field
RJBBKIXKansai International Airport
RJBDSHMNanki-Shirahama Airport
RJBEUKBKobe Airport
RJBHHIWHiroshima-Nishi Airport
RJBKOKSKonan Airport
RJBTTJHTajima Airport
RJCBOBOTokachi-Obihiro Airport
RJCCCTSNew Chitose Airport
RJCHHKDHakodate Airport
RJCKKUHKushiro Airport
RJCMMMBMemanbetsu Airport
RJCNSHBNakashibetsu Airport
RJCOOKDOkadama Airport
RJCRRBJRebun Airport
RJCWWKJWakkanai Airport
RJDAAXJAmakusa Airport
RJDBIKIIki Airport
RJDCUBJYamaguchi Ube Airport
RJDTTSJTsushima Airport
RJEBMBEMonbetsu Airport
RJECAKJAsahikawa Airport
RJEOOIROkushiri Airport
RJERRISRishiri Airport
RJFCKUMYakushima Airport
RJFEFUJGoto-Fukue Airport
RJFFFUKFukuoka Airport
RJFGTNENew Tanegashima Airport
RJFKKOJKagoshima Airport
RJFMKMIMiyazaki Airport
RJFOOITOita Airport
RJFRKKJNew Kitakyushu Airport
RJFSHSGSaga Airport
RJFTKMJKumamoto Airport
RJFUNGSNagasaki Airport
RJGGNGOChubu Centrair International Airport
RJKAASJAmami-Oshima Airport
RJKBOKEOkinoerabu Airport
RJKIKKXKikai Airport
RJKNTKNTokunoshima Airport
RJNANKMNagoya Airfield
RJNFFKJFukui Airport
RJNGQGUGifu Air Base
RJNKKMQKomatsu Airport
RJNOOKIOki Airport
RJNSFSZMt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
RJNTTOYToyama Airport
RJNWNTQNoto Airport
RJOAHIJHiroshima Airport
RJOBOKJOkayama Airport
RJOCIZOIzumo Airport
RJOHYGJMiho-Yonago Airport
RJOIIWKIwakuni Airport
RJOKKCZKochi Airport
RJOMMYJMatsuyama Airport
RJOOITMOsaka International Airport
RJORTTJTottori Airport
RJOSTKSTokushima Airport
RJOTTAKTakamatsu Airport
RJOWIWJIwami Airport
RJSAAOJAomori Airport
RJSCGAJYamagata Airport
RJSDSDSSado Airport
RJSFFKSFukushima Airport
RJSHHHEHachinohe Air Base
RJSIHNAHanamaki Airport
RJSKAXTAkita Airport
RJSMMSJMisawa Airport
RJSNKIJNiigata Airport
RJSRONJOdate-Noshiro Airport
RJSSSDJSendai Airport
RJSYSYOShonai Airport
RJTANJAAtsugi Naval Air Facility
RJTHHACHachijojima Airport
RJTOOIMOshima Airport
RJTQMYEMiyakejima Airport
RJTTHNDTokyo International Airport
RJTUQUTUtsunomiya Air Field
RJTYOKOYokota Air Base
ROAHOKANaha Airport
RODNDNAKadena Air Base
ROIGISGNew Ishigaki Airport
ROKJUEOKumejima Airport
ROKRKJPKerama Airport
ROMDMMDMinami Daito Airport
ROMYMMYMiyako Airport
RORAAGJAguni Airport
ROREIEJIe Jima Airport
RORHHTRHateruma Airport
RORKKTDKitadaito Airport
RORSSHIShimojishima Airport
RORTTRATarama Airport
RORYRNJYoron Airport
ROYNOGNYonaguni Airport
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