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WBGBBTUBintulu Airport
WBGCBLGBelaga Airport
WBGDLSMLong Semado Airport
WBGFLGLLong Lellang Airport
WBGGKCHKuching International Airport
WBGIODNLong Seridan Airport
WBGJLMNLimbang Airport
WBGKMKMMukah Airport
WBGLLKHLong Akah Airport
WBGMMURMarudi Airport
WBGNBSESematan Airport
WBGPKPIKapit Airport
WBGQBKMBakalalan Airport
WBGRMYYMiri Airport
WBGSSBWSibu Airport
WBGTTGCTanjung Manis Airport
WBGULSULong Sukang Airport
WBGWLWYLawas Airport
WBGYSGGSimanggang Airport
WBGZBBNBario Airport
WBKASMMSemporna Airport
WBKDLDULahad Datu Airport
WBKETELTelupid Airport
WBKGKGUKeningau Airport
WBKHSXSSahabat [Sahabat 16] Airport
WBKKBKIKota Kinabalu International Airport
WBKLLBULabuan Airport
WBKMTMGTomanggong Airport
WBKNGSALong Pasia Airport
WBKOSPESepulot Airport
WBKPPAYPamol Airport
WBKRRNURanau Airport
WBKSSDKSandakan Airport
WBKTKUDKudat Airport
WBKWTWUTawau Airport
WBMUMZVMulu Airport
WMANSXTSungai Tiang Airport
WMAUMEPMersing Airport
WMBASWYSitiawan Airport
WMBITPGTaiping (Tekah) Airport
WMBTTODPulau Tioman Airport
WMKAAORSultan Abdul Halim Airport
WMKCKBRSultan Ismail Petra Airport
WMKDKUAKuantan Airport
WMKEKTEKerteh Airport
WMKIIPHSultan Azlan Shah Airport
WMKJJHBSultan Ismail International Airport
WMKKKULKuala Lumpur International Airport
WMKLLGKLangkawi International Airport
WMKMMKZMalacca Airport
WMKNTGGSultan Mahmud Airport
WMKPPENPenang International Airport
WMPAPKGPulau Pangkor Airport
WMPRRDNLTS Pulau Redang Airport
WMSASZBSultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport
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