Airport Codes

Airport Codes by Country

You are viewing airports in ZM:

FLBAMMQMbala Airport
FLCPCIPChipata Airport
FLKEZKPKasompe Airport
FLKLKLBKalabo Airport
FLKOKMZKaoma Airport
FLKSKAAKasama Airport
FLKYZKBKasaba Bay Airport
FLLILVILivingstone Airport
FLLKLXULukulu Airport
FLLSLUNLusaka International Airport
FLMAMNSMansa Airport
FLMFMFUMfuwe Airport
FLMGMNRMongu Airport
FLNAZGMNgoma Airport
FLNDNLANdola Airport
FLSNSXGSenanga Airport
FLSOKIWSouthdowns Airport
FLSSSJQSesheke Airport
FLSWSLISolwesi Airport
FLZBBBZZambezi Airport
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