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FQXAVJBXai-Xai Airport
FNXAXGNXangongo Airport
SSXXAXEXanxerê Airport
SWXVNOKXavantina Airport
LMMGGZMXewkija Heliport
ZLXYXIYXi'an Xianyang International Airport
ZSAMXMNXiamen Gaoqi International Airport
ZHXFXFNXiangfan Airport
ZUXCXICXichang Qingshan Airport
VLXKXKHXieng Khouang Airport
ZLSNSIAXiguan Airport
ZBXHXILXilinhot Airport
ZGXNXINXingning Airport
ZLXNXNNXining Caojiabu Airport
ZPJHJHGXishuangbanna Gasa Airport
MMOXOAXXoxocotlán International Airport
ZSXZXUZXuzhou Guanyin Airport
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