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OP17DDUDadu West Airport
OPABAAWAbbottabad Airport
OPBNBNPBannu Airport
OPBRWGBBahawalnagar Airport
OPBWBHVBahawalpur Airport
OPCHCJLChitral Airport
OPCLCHBChilas Airport
OPDBDBADalbandin Airport
OPDDDDUDadu Airport
OPDGDEADera Ghazi Khan Airport
OPDIDSKDera Ismael Khan Airport
OPFALYPFaisalabad International Airport
OPGDGWDGwadar International Airport
OPGTGILGilgit Airport
OPJAJAGShahbaz Air Base
OPJIJIWJiwani Airport
OPKCKHIJinnah International Airport (Quaid-e-Azam International Air
OPKDHDDHyderabad Airport
OPKHKDDKhuzdar Airport
OPKLKBHKalat Airport
OPKTOHTKohat Airport
OPLALHEAllama Iqbal International Airport
OPLLLRGLoralai Airport
OPMAXJMMangla Airport
OPMFMFGMuzaffarabad Airport
OPMIMWDMianwali Air Base
OPMJMJDMoenjodaro Airport
OPMKMPDMirpur Khas Air Base
OPMPMPDSindhri Tharparkar Airport
OPMSMNSMinhas, Kamra Airport
OPMTMUXMultan International Airport
OPNHWNSNawabshah Airport
OPNKNHSNushki Airport
OPORORWOrmara Airport
OPPCPAJParachinar Airport
OPPGPJGPanjgur Airport
OPPIPSIPasni Airport
OPPSPEWPeshawar Airport
OPQTUETQuetta International Airport
OPRKRYKShaikh Zaid Airport
OPRNISBIslamabad International Airport
OPRTRAZRawalakot Airport
OPSBSBQSibi Airport
OPSDKDUSkardu Airport
OPSKSKZSukkur Airport
OPSNSYWSehwan Sharif Airport
OPSRSGIMushaf Air Base
OPSSSDTSaidu Sharif Airport
OPSTSKTSialkot International Airport
OPSUSULSui Airport
OPSWSWNSahiwal Airport
OPTATLBTarbela Dam Airport
OPTHBDNTalhar Airport
OPTTTFTTaftan Airport
OPTUTUKTurbat International Airport
OPWNWAFWana Airport
OPZBPZHZhob Airport
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