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ZBAAPEKBeijing Capital International Airport
ZBADPKXBeijing Daxing International Airport
ZBCFCIFChifeng Airport
ZBCZCIHChangzhi Airport
ZBDSDSNOrdos Ejin Horo Airport
ZBDTDATDatong Airport
ZBDXJJNQuanzhou Airport
ZBERERLErenhot Saiwusu International Airport
ZBGSAEBTian Yang Air Base
ZBHDHDGHandan Airport
ZBHHHETBaita International Airport
ZBLAHLDHailar Dongshan Airport
ZBMZNZHManzhouli Xijiao Airport
ZBNYNAYNanyuan Airport
ZBOWBAVBaotou Airport
ZBSHSHPShanhaiguan Airport
ZBSJSJWShijiazhuang Daguocun International Airport
ZBTJTSNTianjin Binhai International Airport
ZBTLTGOTongliao Airport
ZBULHLHUlanhot Airport
ZBXHXILXilinhot Airport
ZBYCYCUYuncheng Guangong Airport
ZBYNTYNTaiyuan Wusu Airport
ZGBHBHYBeihai Airport
ZGCDCGDChangde Airport
ZGCJHJJZhijiang Airport
ZGDYDYGDayong Airport
ZGFSFUOFoshan Shadi Airport
ZGGGCANGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport
ZGHACSXChangsha Huanghua International Airport
ZGHYHNYHengyang Airport
ZGHZHUZHuizhou Airport
ZGKLKWLGuilin Liangjiang International Airport
ZGMXMXZMeixian Airport
ZGNNNNGNanning Wuxu Airport
ZGOWSWAShantou Waisha Airport
ZGSDZUHZhuhai Airport
ZGSZSZXShenzhen Bao'an International Airport
ZGWZWUZWuzhou Changzhoudao Airport
ZGXNXINXingning Airport
ZGZHLZHBailian Airport
ZGZJZHAZhanjiang Airport
ZHAYAYNAnyang Airport
ZHCCCGOZhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport
ZHESENHEnshi Airport
ZHGHLHKGuangzhou MR Air Base
ZHHHWUHTianhe Airport
ZHLYLYALuoyang Airport
ZHNYNNYNanyang Airport
ZHSSSHSShashi Airport
ZHXFXFNXiangfan Airport
ZHYCYIHYichang Airport
ZJHKHAKHaikou Meilan International Airport
ZJSYSYXSanya Fenghuang International Airport
ZKPYFNJSunan International Airport
ZLAKAKAAnkang Airport
ZLDHDNHDunhuang Airport
ZLGMGOQGolmud Airport
ZLGYGYUGuyuan Liupanshan Airport
ZLHZHZGHanzhong Airport
ZLICINCYinchuan Airport
ZLJNJNGJining Qufu Airport
ZLJQCHWJiuquan Airport
ZLJQJGNJiayuguan Airport
ZLLLZGCLanzhou Zhongchuan Airport
ZLQYIQNQingyang Airport
ZLSNSIAXiguan Airport
ZLXNXNNXining Caojiabu Airport
ZLXYXIYXi'an Xianyang International Airport
ZLYAENYYan'an Airport
ZLYLUYNYulin Airport
ZMAHAVKArvaikheer Airport
ZMATLTIAltai Airport
ZMBHBYNBayankhongor Airport
ZMBNUGABulgan Airport
ZMHUHJTKhujirt Airport
ZMKDHVDKhovd Airport
ZMMGMXWMandalgovi Airport
ZMMNMXVMörön Airport
ZMTGTSZTsetserleg Airport
ZMUBULNChinggis Khaan International Airport
ZMUGULOUlaangom Airport
ZMUHUNRÖndörkhaan Airport
ZMULULGÖlgii Airport
ZPBSBSDBaoshan Airport
ZPDLDLUDali Airport
ZPDQDIGDiqing Airport
ZPJHJHGXishuangbanna Gasa Airport
ZPLJLJGLijiang Airport
ZPLXLUMMangshi Airport
ZPPPKMGKunming Wujiaba International Airport
ZPSMSYMSimao Airport
ZPZTZATZhaotong Airport
ZSAMXMNXiamen Gaoqi International Airport
ZSAQAQGAnqing Airport
ZSBBBFUBengbu Airport
ZSCGCZXChangzhou Benniu Airport
ZSCNKHNNanchang Changbei International Airport
ZSFYFUGFuyang Airport
ZSFZFOCFuzhou Changle International Airport
ZSGSJGSJinggangshan Airport
ZSGZKOWGanzhou Huangjin Airport
ZSHCHGHHangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
ZSJDJDZJingdezhen Airport
ZSJJJIULushan Airport
ZSJNTNAYaoqiang Airport
ZSJUJUZQuzhou Airport
ZSLDLCXLongyan Guanzhishan Airport
ZSLGLYGLianyungang Airport
ZSLQHYNHuangyan Luqiao Airport
ZSLSLUZLushan Airport
ZSLYLYIShubuling Airport
ZSNBNGBNingbo Lishe International Airport
ZSNJNKGNanjing Lukou International Airport
ZSNTNTGNantong Airport
ZSOFHFEHefei Luogang International Airport
ZSPDPVGShanghai Pudong International Airport
ZSQDTAOQingdao Liuting International Airport
ZSQZJJNQuanzhou Airport
ZSRGRUGRugao Air Base
ZSSHHIALianshui Airport
ZSSSSHAShanghai Hongqiao International Airport
ZSSZSZVGuangfu Airport
ZSTXTXNTunxi International Airport
ZSWFWEFWeifang Airport
ZSWHWEHWeihai Airport
ZSWUWHUWuhu Air Base
ZSWXWUXSunan Shuofang International Airport
ZSWYWUSNanping Wuyishan Airport
ZSWZWNZWenzhou Yongqiang Airport
ZSXZXUZXuzhou Guanyin Airport
ZSYNYNZYancheng Airport
ZSYTYNTYantai Laishan International Airport
ZSYWYIWYiwu Airport
ZSZSHSNZhoushan Airport
ZUALNGQNgari Gunsa Airport
ZUASAVAAnshun Huangguoshu Airport
ZUBDBPXQamdo Bangda Airport
ZUCKCKGChongqing Jiangbei International Airport
ZUDXDAXDachuan Airport
ZUGUGYSGuangyuan Airport
ZUGYKWEGuiyang Longdongbao Airport
ZUJZJUZHuanglong Airport
ZUJZJZHJiuzhai Huanglong Airport
ZULPLIALiangping Airport
ZULSLXALhasa Gonggar Airport
ZULZLZOLuzhou Airport
ZUMYMIGMianyang Airport
ZUNCNAONanchong Airport
ZUNZLZYNyingchi Airport
ZUTCTCZTengchong Tuofeng Airport
ZUTRTENTongren Daxing Airport
ZUUUCTUChengdu Shuangliu International Airport
ZUWXWXNWanxian Airport
ZUXCXICXichang Qingshan Airport
ZUYBYBPYibin Airport
ZUZYZYIZunyi Airport
ZWAKAKUAksu Airport
ZWATAATAltay Airport
ZWBLBPLAlashankou Bole (Bortala) airport
ZWCMIQMQiemo Airport
ZWHMHMIHami Airport
ZWKCKCAKuqa Airport
ZWKLKRLKorla Airport
ZWKMKRYKaramay Airport
ZWSHKHGKashgar Airport (Kashi Airport)
ZWSSSXJShanshan Airport
ZWTCTCGTacheng Airport
ZWTNHTNHotan Airport
ZWWWURCDiwopu Airport
ZWYNYINYining Airport
ZYASAOGAnshan Airport
ZYCCCGQChangchun Longjia International Airport
ZYCHCNIChanghai Airport
ZYCYCHGChaoyang Airport
ZYDDDDGDandong Airport
ZYDQDQASaertu Airport
ZYHBHRBHarbin Taiping International Airport
ZYHEHEKHeihe Airport
ZYJLJILErtaizi Airport
ZYJMJMUJiamusi Airport
ZYJZJNZJinzhou Airport
ZYLSYUSYushu Batang Airport
ZYMDMDGMudanjiang Airport
ZYMHOHEGu-Lian Airport
ZYQQNDGQiqihar Sanjiazi Airport
ZYTLDLCDalian Zhoushuizi International Airport
ZYTNTNHTonghua Liuhe Airport
ZYTXSHEShenyang Taoxian International Airport
ZYYJYNJYanji Chaoyangchuan Airport
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