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HAABADDBole International Airport
HAAMAMHArba Minch Airport
HAAXAXUAxum Airport
HABCBCOBaco Airport (Jinka Airport)
HABDBJRBahar Dar Airport
HABEBEIBeica Airport
HABUBCYBulchi Airport
HADCDSECombolcha Airport
HADDDEMDembidolo Airport
HADMDBMDebre Marcos Airport
HADRDIRDire Dawa International Airport
HADTDBTDebre Tabor Airport
HAFNFNHFincha Airport
HAGBGOBRobe Airport
HAGHGNNGhinnir Airport
HAGMGMBGambella Airport
HAGNGDQGonder Airport
HAGOGDEGode Airport
HAGRGORGore Airport
HAHMQHRHarar Meda Airport
HAHUHUEHumera Airport
HAJJJIJJijiga Airport
HAJMJIMAba Segud Airport
HAKDABKKabri Dar Airport
HAKLLFOKelafo East Airport
HALAAWAAwasa Airport
HALLLLILalibella Airport
HAMKMQXMekele Airport
HAMNNDMMendi Airport
HAMTMTFMizan Teferi Airport
HANGEGLNegele Boran, Ethiopia
HANJNEJNejjo Airport
HANKNEKNekemte Airport
HASDSXUSoddu Airport
HASOASOAsosa Airport
HATPTIETippi Airport
HAWCWACWaca Airport
HBBABJMBujumbura International Airport
HBBEGIDGitega Airport
HCMAALUAlula Airport
HCMBBIBBaidoa Airport
HCMCCXNCandala Airport
HCMDBSYBardera Airport
HCMEHCMEil Airport
HCMFBSABender Qassim International Airport
HCMGGSRGardo Airport
HCMHHGAEgal International Airport
HCMIBBOBerbera Airport
HCMKKMUKisimayu Airport
HCMMMGQAden Adde International Airport
HCMOCMOObbia Airport
HCMRGLKGalcaio Airport
HCMSCMSScusciuban Airport
HCMUERAErigavo Airport
HCMVBUOBurao Airport
HDAMJIBAmbouli Airport
HDASAIIAli-Sabieh Airport
HDMOMHIMoucha Airport
HDOBOBCObock Airport
HDTJTDJTadjoura Airport
HE24SEWSiwa Oasis North Airport
HEALDBBEl Alamein International Airport
HEARAACEl Arish International Airport
HEATATZAssiut Airport
HEAXALYEl Nouzha Airport (Alexandria International Airport)
HEBAHBEBorg El Arab Airport
HEBLABSAbu Simbel Airport
HECACAICairo International Airport
HECWCWECairo West Airport
HEDKDAKDakhla Oasis Airport
HEGNHRGHurghada International Airport
HEGREGHEl Gora Airport
HEKGUVLEl Kharga Airport
HELXLXRLuxor International Airport
HEMARMFMarsa Alam International Airport
HEMKHMBSohag International Airport
HEMMMUHMersa Matruh Airport
HEOWGSQShark El Oweinat International Airport
HEPSPSDPort Said Airport
HESCSKVSt. Catherine International Airport
HESHSSHSharm El Sheikh International Airport
HESNASWAswan International Airport
HETBTCPTaba International Airport
HETRELTEl Tor Airport
HHASASMAsmara International Airport
HHMSMSWMassawa International Airport
HHSBASAAssab International Airport
HHTSTESTessenei Airport
HILHILShilavo Airport
HKAMASVAmboseli Airport
HKELEDLEldoret International Airport
HKESEYSEliye Springs Airport
HKFGKLKKalokol Airport
HKGAGASGarissa Airport
HKHOHOAHola Airport
HKJKNBOJomo Kenyatta International Airport
HKKGGGMKakamega Airport
HKKIKISKisumu Airport
HKKLILUKilaguni Airport
HKKRKEYKericho Airport
HKKTKTLKitale Airport
HKLKLKGLokichoggio Airport
HKLOLOKLodwar Airport
HKLULAUManda Airstrip
HKLYLOYLoyengalani Airport
HKMANDEMandera Airport
HKMBRBTSegel Airport
HKMKJJMMulika Lodge Airport
HKMLMYDMalindi Airport
HKMOMBAMoi International Airport
HKMSMREMara Serena Lodge Airstrip
HKMYOYLMoyale Airport
HKNINYENyeri Airport
HKNKNUUNakuru Airport
HKNWWILWilson Airport
HKNYNYKNanyuki, Kenya
HKSBUASSamburu South Airport
HKUKUKAUkunda Airstrip
HKWJWJRWajir Airport
HLGDSRXGardabya Airport
HLGNTOBGamal Abdel Nasser Airport
HLGTGHTGhat Airport
HLKFAKFKufra Airport
HLLBBENBenina International Airport
HLLMMJIMitiga International Airport
HLLQLAQLa Abraq Airport
HLLSSEBSabha Airport
HLLTTIPTripoli International Airport
HLMBLMQMarsa Brega Airport
HLONHUQHon Airport
HLTDLTDGhadames East Airport
HLZWWAXZwara Airport
HRYIBTQButare Airport
HRYRKGLKigali International Airport
HSATATBAtbara Airport
HSDBEDBEl Debba Airport
HSDNDOGDongola Airport
HSFSELFEl Fasher Airport
HSGFGSUAzaza Airport
HSGGDNXGalegu Airport
HSGNEGNGeneina Airport
HSKAKSLKassala Airport
HSKGGBUKhashm El Girba Airport
HSKIKSTKosti Airport
HSLIKDXKadugli Airport
HSMRMWEMerowe Airport
HSNHNUDEn Nahud Airport
HSNNUYLNyala Airport
HSNWNHFNew Halfa Airport
HSOBEBDEl Obeid Airport
HSPNPZUPort Sudan New International Airport
HSSJJUBJuba Airport
HSSMMAKMalakal Airport
HSSSKRTKhartoum International Airport
HSSWWHFWadi Halfa Airport
HSWWWUUWau Airport
HTARARKArusha Airport
HTBUBKZBukoba Airport
HTDADARDar Es Salaam Airport
HTDODODDodoma Airport
HTIRIRIIringa Airport
HTKATKQKigoma Airport
HTKIKIYKilwa Masoko Airport
HTKJJROKilimanjaro International Airport
HTLILDIKikwetu Airport
HTLMLKYLake Manyara Airport
HTMAMFAMafia Island Airport
HTMBMBIMbeya Airport
HTMDMWNMwadui Airport
HTMIXMIMasasi Airport
HTMSQSIMoshi Airport
HTMTMYWMtwara Airport
HTMUMUZMusoma Airport
HTMWMWZMwanza Airport
HTNANCHNachingwea Airport
HTNJJOMNjombe Airport
HTPEPMAPemba Airport
HTSNSEUSeronera Airport
HTSOSGXSongea Airport
HTSUSUTSumbawanga Airport
HTSYSHYShinyanga Airport
HTTBTBOTabora Airport
HTTGTGTTanga Airport
HTZAZNZZanzibar Airport
HUARRUAArua Airport
HUENEBBEntebbe International Airport
HUGUULUGulu Airport
HUJIJINJinja Airport
HUKFKBGKabalega Falls Airport
HUKSKSEKasese Airport
HUMAMBQMbarara Airport
HUMIKCUMasindi Airport
HUSOSRTSoroti Airport
HUTOTRYTororo Airport