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GABSBKOSenou International Airport
GAGMGUDGoundam Airport
GAGOGAQGao Airport
GAKAKNZKenieba Airport
GAKOKTXKoutiala Airport
GAKYKYSKayes Dag Dag Airport
GAMBMZIAmbodedjo Airport
GANKNRMNara Airport
GANRNIXNioro du Sahel Airport
GASKKSSSikasso Airport
GATBTOMTimbuktu Airport
GAYEEYLYélimané Airport
GBYDBJLBanjul International Airport
GCFVFUEEl Matorral Airport
GCGMGMZLa Gomera Airport
GCHIVDEHierro Airport
GCLASPCLa Palma Airport
GCLPLPAGran Canaria International Airport
GCRRACELanzarote Airport
GCTSTFSTenerife South Airport (Reina Sofia)
GCXOTFNTenerife North Airport (Los Rodeos)
GEMLMLNMelilla Airport
GFBNBTEBonthe Airport
GFLLFNALungi International Airport
GGBUBQEBubaque Airport
GGOVOXBOsvaldo Vieiro International Airport
GLBUUCNBuchanan Airport
GLCPCPACape Palmas Airport
GLGESNIGreenville Sinoe Airport
GLLBUCNLamco Airport
GLMRMLWSpriggs Payne Airport
GLNANIANimba Airport
GLRBROBRoberts International Airport
GLSTSAZSasstown Airport
GLTNTHCTchien Airport
GLVAVOIVoinjama Airport
GMADAGAAl Massira Airport
GMATTTATan Tan Airport {Plage Blanche Airport)
GMAZOZGZagora Airport
GMFBUARBouarfa Airport
GMFFFEZSaïss Airport
GMFKERHMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
GMFMMEKBassatine Airport
GMFOOUDOujda Angads Airport
GMMASMWSmara Airport
GMMBGMDBen Slimane Airport
GMMCCASAnfa Airport
GMMERBASale Airport
GMMFSIISania Ramel Airport
GMMHVILDakhla Airport
GMMIESUMogador Airport
GMMLEUNHassan I Airport
GMMNCMNMohammed V International Airport
GMMSSFISafi Airport
GMMWNDRArwi Airport
GMMXRAKMenara International Airport
GMMYNNAKenitra Airport
GMMZOZZOuarzazate Airport
GMSHMSEKent International Airport
GMTAAHUCharif Al ldrissi Airport
GMTNTTUSania Ramel
GMTTTNGIbn Batouta International Airport
GNUGNUGoodnews Airport
GODKKDAKolda North Airport
GOGGZIGZiguinchor Airport
GOGKKDAKolda North Airport
GOGSCSKCap Skirring Airport
GOOKKLCKaolack Airport
GOOYDKRDakar-Yoff-Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
GOSMMAXOuro Sogui Airport
GOSPPODPodor Airport
GOSRRDTRichard Toll Airport
GOSSXLSSaint Louis Airport
GOTBBXEBakel Airport
GOTKKGGKédougou Airport
GOTSSMYSimenti Airport
GOTTTUDTambacounda Airport
GQNAAEOAioun El Atrouss Airport
GQNBOTLBoutilimit Airport
GQNCTHITichitt Airport
GQNDTIYTidjikja Airport
GQNEBGHAbbaye Airport
GQNFKFAKiffa Airport
GQNHTMDTimbedra Airport
GQNIEMNNéma Airport
GQNJAJJAkjoujt Airport
GQNKKEDKaédi Airport
GQNLMOMLetfotar Airport
GQNNNKCNouakchott International Airport
GQNSSEYSélibaby Airport
GQNTTHTTamchakett Airport
GQPAATRAtar International Airport
GQPFFGDFderik Airport
GQPPNDBNouadhibou International Airport
GQPZOUZTazadit Airport
GUCYCKYGbessia Airport
GUFAFIGFria Airport
GUFHFAAFaranah Airport
GUKUKSIKissidougou Airport
GULBLEKLabe Airport
GUMAMCAMacenta Airport
GUNZNZENzerekore Airport
GUOKBKJBoké Airport
GUSBSBISambailo Airport
GUSIGIISiguiri Airport
GUXNKNNKankan Airport
GVACSIDAmilcar Cabral International Airport
GVANNTOAgostinho Neto Airport
GVBABVCRabil Airport
GVBRBVREsparadinha Airport
GVFMRAIPraia International Airport
GVMAMMOMaio Airport, Maio, Cape Verde
GVMTMTIMosteiros Airport
GVNPRAIPraia International Airport
GVSFSFLSão Filipe Airport
GVSNSNEPreguiça Airport
GVSVVXESao Pedro Airport