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N/AOKBOrchid Beach
NCAIAITAitutaki Island Airport
NCATAIUAtiu Island Airport
NCMGMGSMangaia Island Airport
NCMHMHXManihiki Island Airport
NCMKMUKMauke Airport
NCMRMOIMitiaro Island Airport
NCPYPYETongareva Airport
NCRGRARRarotonga International Airport
NFCIICICicia Airport
NFFNNANNadi International Airport
NFFOPTFMalolo Lailai Island Airport
NFKDKDVVunisea Airport
NFMAMNFMana Island Airport
NFMOMFJMoala Airport
NFNASUVNausori International Airport
NFNBLEVLevuka Airfield
NFNGNGINgau Airport
NFNHLUCLaucala Island Airport
NFNKLKBLakeba Island Airport
NFNLLBSLabasa Airport
NFNMTVUMatei Airport
NFNOKXFKoro Airport
NFNRRTARotuma Airport
NFNSSVUSavusavu Airport
NFNUBVFDama Airport
NFNVVAUVatukoula Airport
NFNWKAYWakaya Island Airport
NFOLONUOno-I-Lau Airport
NFSWYASYasawa Island Airport
NFTEEUAKaufana Airport
NFTFTBUFua?amotu International Airport
NFTLHPALifuka Island Airport
NFTONFOMata'aho Airport
NFTPNTTKuini Lavenia Airport
NFTVVAVVava'u International Airport
NFVBVBVVanua Balavu Airport
NFVLVTFVatulele Airport
NGABABFAbaiang Atoll Airport
NGBRBEZBeru Airport
NGFUFUNFunafuti International Airport
NGKTKUCKuria Airport
NGMAMNKMaiana Airport
NGMKMZKMarakei Airport
NGMNMTKMakin Island Airport
NGNUNIGNikunau Airport
NGONOOTOnotoa Airport
NGTATRWBonriki International Airport
NGTBAEAAbemama Atoll Airport
NGTETBFTabiteuea North Airport
NGTMTMNTamana Island Airport
NGTONONNonouti Airport
NGTRAISArorae Island Airport
NGTSTSUTabiteuea South Airport
NGTUBBGButaritari Airport
NGUKAAKAranuka Airport
NIUEIUEHanan International Airport
NLWFFUTPointe Vele Airport
NLWWWLSHihifo Airport
NSASOFUOfu Village Airport
NSAUAAUAsau Airport
NSFAAPWFaleolo International Airport
NSFIFGIFagali'i Airport
NSFQFAQFitiuta Airport
NSMAMXSMaota Airport
NSMUNUXNovy Urengoy Airport
NSTUPPGPago Pago International Airport
NTAAPPTFaa'a International Airport
NTARRURRurutu Airport
NTATTUBTubuai Airport
NTGAAAAAnaa Airport
NTGBFGUFangatau Airport
NTGCTIHTikehau Airport
NTGDAPKApataki Airport
NTGEREAReao Airport
NTGFFAVFakarava Airport
NTGHHHZHikueru Atoll Airport
NTGIXMHManihi Airport
NTGJGMRTotegegie Airport
NTGKKKRKaukura Airport
NTGMMKPMakemo Airport
NTGNNAUNapuka Island Airport
NTGOTKVTatakoto Airport
NTGPPKPPuka Puka Airport
NTGQPUKPukarua Airport
NTGTTKPTakapoto Airport
NTGUAXRArutua Airport
NTGVMVTMataiva Airport
NTGWNUKNukutavake Airport
NTGYZTATureira Airport
NTHEAHEAhe Airport
NTKAKHZKauehi Airport
NTKFFACFaaite Airport
NTKHFHZFakahina Airport
NTKRTKXTakaroa Airport
NTMDNHVNuku Hiva Airport
NTMNAUQHiva Oa-Atuona Airport
NTMPUAPUa Pou Airport
NTMUUAHUa Huka Airport
NTTBBOBBora Bora Airport (Motu Mute Airport)
NTTETTITetiaroa Airport
NTTGRGIRangiroa Airport
NTTHHUHHuahine-Fare Airport
NTTMMOZTemae Airport
NTTOHOIHao Airport
NTTPMAUMaupiti Airport
NTTRRFPRaiatea Airport
NTUVVHZVahitahi Airport
NVSAMTVMota Lava Airport
NVSCSLHSola Airport
NVSDTOHTorres Airstrip
NVSEEAEEmae Airport
NVSFCCVCraig Cove Airport
NVSGLODLongana Airport
NVSHSSRSara Airport
NVSIPBJTavie Airport
NVSLLPMLamap Airport
NVSMLNBLamen Bay Airport
NVSNMWFNaone Airport
NVSOLNELonorore Airport
NVSPNUSNorsup Airport
NVSQZGUGaua Island Airport
NVSRRCLRedcliffe Airport
NVSSSONSanto Pekoa International Airport
NVSTTGHTongoa Island Airport
NVSUULBUléi Airport
NVSVVLSValesdir Airport
NVSWWLHWalaha Airport
NVSXSWJSouthwest Bay Airport
NVSZOLJNorth West Santo Airport
NVVAAUYAneityum Airport
NVVBAWDAniwa Airport
NVVDDLYDillon's Bay Airport
NVVFFTAFutuna Airport
NVVIIPAIpota Airport
NVVQUIQQuion Hill Airport
NVVVVLIBauerfield International Airport
NVVWTAHTanna Airport
NWWATGJTiga Airport
NWWCBMYÎle Art - Waala Airport (Belep Islands Airport)
NWWDKNQKoné Airport
NWWEILPÎle des Pins Airport
NWWHHLUNesson Airport
NWWKKOCKoumac Airport
NWWLLIFLifou Airport
NWWMGEANouméa Magenta Airport
NWWOIOUEdmond Cané Airport
NWWPPUVPoum Airport
NWWQPDCMueo Airport
NWWRMEEMaré Airport
NWWUTOUTouho Airport
NWWVUVEOuvéa Airport
NWWWNOULa Tontouta International Airport
NZAAAKLAuckland Airport
NZAPTUOTaupo Airport
NZARAMZArdmore Airport
NZASASGAshburton Airport
NZCHCHCChristchurch International Airport
NZCICHTChatham Islands / Tuuta Airport
NZCXCMVCoromandel Aerodrome
NZDADGRDargaville Airport
NZDNDUDDunedin Airport
NZFJWHOFranz Josef Aerodrome
NZGBGBZClaris Airfield
NZGMGMNGreymouth Airport
NZGSGISGisborne Airport
NZGTGTNGlentanner Airport
NZHKHKKHokitika Airport
NZHNHLZHamilton International Airport
NZKEWIKWaiheke Reeve Airport
NZKIKBZKaikoura Airport
NZKKKKEBay of Islands Airport
NZKOKKOKaikohe Airport
NZKTKATKaitaia Airport
NZLXALRAlexandra Airport
NZMAMTAMatamata Glider Airport
NZMCMONMount Cook Airport
NZMFMFNMilford Sound Airport
NZMKMZPMotueka Airport
NZMOTEUManapouri Airport
NZMSMROHood Airport
NZNPNPLNew Plymouth Airport
NZNRNPENapier Airport
NZNSNSNNelson Airport
NZNVIVCInvercargill Airport
NZOUOAMOamaru Airport
NZPMPMRPalmerston North International Airport
NZPNPCNPicton Aerodrome
NZPPPPQParaparaumu Airport
NZQNZQNQueenstown Airport
NZRARAGRaglan Airfield
NZRCSZSRyans Creek Aerodrome
NZROROTRotorua Airport
NZTGTRGTauranga Airport
NZTHTMZThames Aerodrome
NZTKKTFTakaka Airport
NZTOTKZTokoroa Airfield
NZTSTHHTaharoa Aerodrome
NZTUTIURichard Pearse Airport
NZUKTWZPukaki Airport
NZWBBHEWoodbourne Airport
NZWFWKAWanaka Airport
NZWKWHKWhakatane Airport
NZWNWLGWellington International Airport
NZWOWIRWairoa Airport
NZWRWREWhangarei Airport
NZWSWSZWestport Airport
NZWTWTZWhitianga Airport
NZWUWAGWanganui Airport
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